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VASP Directory for Crypto Travel Rule

Join the public data network of businesses transacting with cryptocurrency
A holistic view of VASPs and their regulatory underpinnings worldwide.Become an active participant. Stay abreast of your counterparties' regulatory status before you interact with any crypto company!
Perform counterparty due diligenceStay abreast of counterparty VASPs’ regulatory status, as mandated by FATF.
Access comprehensive VASP dataAccess over 500 crypto companies’ incorporation and regulatory information
Monitor VASPs’ Travel Rule statusMonitor which of your counterparties comply with the Travel Rule
Overcome travel rule’s ‘sunrise’ challenge*Send and receive data transfers from/to any of your counterparties, even if they don’t have a Travel Rule solution in place yet
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* What is the travel rule’s ‘sunrise’ challenge?Learn about the ‘Sunrise’ challenge and how Notabene solves it
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VASPs & Crypto companies

Recently claimedNewest companies that have been claimed by an employee of the company
VASPs sending Travel Rule data transfersVASPs and crypto companies which sent at least one Travel Rule data transfer
VASPs receiving Travel Rule data transfersVASPs and crypto companies which have received at least one Travel Rule data transfer
Regulated VASPsFirms with a verified 'regulated' status per VASPnet's database
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Why is a VASP & Crypto Companies Travel Rule Database important?

A VASP directory helps crypto companies perform crucial due diligence on their counterparties, which is a crucial part of Travel Rule compliance. Under the revised FATF Recommendations 10-2, each company is required to perform due diligence on the counterpart institutions or VASPs to its transactions - irrespective of the jurisdiction. In order to do so, VASPs must verify that their counterparties are locally registered and licensed to provide virtual asset services and verify their counterparty’s AML/CFT practices. In addition to performing due diligence, VASPs must determine which travel rule protocols their counterparts use. All of this information is present in Notabene’s VASP & Crypto Companies Travel Rule Database.
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Why use Notabene’s Free VASP & Crypto Companies Travel Rule Database?

The FATF requires VASPs to know the regulatory status of each VASP they’re interacting with before performing travel rule transactions. Notabene’s VASP & Crypto Companies Travel Rule Database creates a singular location where this information can be found. Dynamically updated in real-time, each page reflects the regulatory and business state of a VASP as well as which travel rule protocols it is live with (if available). Upon request, VASPs can also share info about their AML/CFT practices and data storage policies. Additionally, companies that do not yet have a travel rule solution in place can send compliant data transfers to our customers through the database.
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Which countries does the FATF Travel Rule apply to?

The FATF Travel Rule impacts two categories of businesses: financial institutions (banks, credit firms, etc.) and VASPs located in FATF-member countries and FRSB regional bodies, such as Switzerland, Germany, the US, Singapore, and more.
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What information is needed to sign up for Notabene’s VASP & Crypto Companies Travel Rule Database?

When signing up as a VASP or Financial Institution, be sure to have the following documents handy:
  • Business incorporation information, physical address, national business identification numbers, etc.
  • Digital copies of incorporation documents (we’ll need this to verify your business information)
  • Your company’s logo
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How to list my company in Notabene’s VASP & Crypto Companies Travel Rule Database?

  1. Sign up with your work email address
  2. Create your company’s profile
  3. Upload your company’s incorporation information and logo
  4. Select your Travel Rule protocols
You’re all set!
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How to receive compliant data transfers from counterparties using Notabene’s VASP & Crypto Companies Travel Rule Database?

One benefit of using Notabene is that your counterparty VASPs can send you Travel Rule data transfers immediately, regardless if they have a compliance solution in place or not.

Once you’ve verified your company in the database:

  1. Upload a list of your counterparty VASPs
  2. Notabene will inform your counterparties to expect Travel Rule data transfers from your company. We will also help them send you compliant data transfers with their incoming Travel Rule transactions.
  3. Compliant data transfers will appear in your dashboard Inbox

If verified, the company has been reviewed by Notabene and all incorporation documentation has been verified.

If claimed, an employee of the company has successfully claimed this account.

This VASP is receiving Travel Rule data transfers.

This company has been claimed, Notabene verified, and participates in-network.